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Why Lake Mohawk?


  • Boating, floating, and sailing on the quiet, calm waters
  • Privacy and serenity of the three private lakes
  • Reflections of beautiful sunrises, sunsets, and rainbows in the lake
  • Quaint, alpine-like town center for local dining and shopping
  • Boardwalk overlooking the lake for relaxing, dining, and docking
  • Beaches for socializing, swimming, and sunbathing
  • Diverse community of families, singles, and seniors
  • Spacious, historic, waterfront clubhouse
  • Year-round sporting opportunities for waterskiing, fishing, golf, tennis, ice skating
  • Four seasons of beautiful views
  • Social activities organized by clubs, beaches, and Lake Mohawk Country Club, like our chef’s cooking classes “Jake on the Lake."
  • Community events such as the German Christmas Market on the Boardwalk and July 4th fireworks over the lake
  • Well-maintained roads and landscapes throughout the reservation
  • Vacation and resort lifestyle
  • Docking for pontoon and speedboats at lakefront homes as well as beaches and marina
  • Nature at its best in wooded hills, picturesque shores, and an abundance of wildlife


Through the vigorous efforts of many people, the years have been kind to this community. Lake Mohawk has flourished as members old and new - still enjoy all that our community has to offer. Those who live at Lake Mohawk all have moments that they cherish: the trees on the hillside that begin Spring with hundred shades of green and end autumn with a hundred shades of fire, the sailboats on the Lake in the summer when the sky can turn so blue it makes your heart happy, the sight of a flock of wild turkeys slowly stepping across a snow-covered cove, the smell of burning fireplaces in the winter, the absolute joy of the Fourth of July fireworks, the children playing and frolicking on the beaches - always the children.


There is a special charm, a certain kind of magic that lies over this lake and hills. Perhaps it comes from the pride of homeowners and their love for this area. Perhaps it comes from the gone-to-glory sunsets or the pink-and-gold promise of the sunrises. Perhaps it is simply the serenity that all our community represents.........the "Reservation of Lake Mohawk."