Mission & Purpose



The Lake Mohawk Preservation Foundation is dedicated to pursuing new research, demonstrating new treatment methods and providing education to protect the water quality of our lakes and the Walkill River watershed. Research and education projects sponsored by the Foundation will be undertaken in close partnership with leading technology, engineering and educational institutions. Results and findings will be shared for the benefit of other regional lakes as well as communities located adjacent to the Walkill River.



Vision & Purpose  (Click on Link for description of our Areas of Focus and Potential Projects)


Constructed in the 1920's - Lake Mohawk ("Lake Mohawk" or "Lake") is a man-made lake approximately 800 acres in size and located in Sparta and Byram Townships in Sussex County, New Jersey. Lake Mohawk is the headwaters of the Walkill River that flows north and eventually into the Hudson River. The Lake has been on the forefront of lake water quality and aquatic technology efforts that have resulted in increased water quality through the use of conventional and innovative methods, which achievements have been recognized and awarded by the State of New Jersey. A primary goal of the Lake Mohawk Preservation Foundation is to research and pursue new treatment methodologies to preserve Lake Mohawk and further its water quality as well as to share that information for the benefit of the Walkill River watershed and other lakes.