Powerboat Club

The Mohawk Powerboat Club is an excellent way to meet other people that also live in Lake Mohawk. The Club has a grand history and great traditions.  For over 45 years, the MPC has been a source of camaraderie and caring for Lake Mohawk in all of its aspects: as a recreational delight, a scenic and historic spot, ad a community of like-minded friends.


The Club has monthly meetings at LMCC, often specially themed: with dancing, games and entertainment.  During summer months we have activities on the water, such as raft-ups, beach parties and our fabulous, ever popular Boat Rally.  And it is not just about the Boat- many of our Members don't even own a boat, but they are always welcome to come aboard one of ours! Stay tuned for future events.


Please email Jennifer Richardson, Commodore, with any questions: jenniferk126@hotmail.com


The MPC is open to all LMCC members in good standing who have an interest in boating and enjoy a fun group.