Ski Hawks


The Lake Mohawk Ski Hawks is the Official Water Ski Show Team of New Jersey and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. We concentrate on show skiing; that is a choreographed, scripted water ski show that involves much more than skiing, it is a production involving music, dance, costumes and showmanship.

Mission - The Lake Mohawk Ski Hawks have been organized to promote and further water skiing for the benefit of the members of Lake Mohawk Country Club, especially its youth. This will be accomplished by sponsoring and participating in water ski shows, exhibitions, clinics and other activities whenever possible. Additionally, the Ski Hawks are committed to the encouragement of water skiing and water skiing safety in general. We, the Ski Hawks, welcome any opportunity to share the experiences and the advancement of the sport.

Philosophy – Our members consider us as a competitive, family team. Being family oriented while remaining competitive is difficult to balance and the team does its best to manage it. Membership in the Lake Mohawk Ski Hawks is undoubtedly a very memorable experience, and people find it not only enjoyable, but rewarding as well.

Performances – The Ski Hawks perform three major shows at Lake Mohawk as well as compete in Regional competition or National show ski events. The Lake Mohawk shows are on Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day. The competition show takes place the last weekend of July. Frequent venues include Scotia, NY and Oxbow, MA. Additional shows at home or other lakes might occur as charity or fun events.

Management - The team is governed by a Board of Trustees made up of five elected members. The Trustees select a Show Director who coordinates all aspects of our competition show. Each season, various committees are formed and members are encouraged to participate in at least one committee. We work with your talents and abilities to find a team role with which you are comfortable.